testing all the beautiful papers

Having printed over a hundred book projects and many more prints, we have established our personal favorite paper: Hahnemühle Photorag. It works best for the studio’s needs and we just love the look and feel.

There are many fantastic papers out there right now. To keep quality and production under control, we had to decide on 2 different papers as our standard. We added 2 more for special applications. Those 4 papers have been tested extensively and we created our own printing profiles for them.

However, we frequently test different papers to make sure there is no new one that suits us better or existing ones that have changed their characteristics. To be perfectly honest, I absolutely cannot resist opening a box of new paper…to touch it, feel it and see how it prints. In my opinion, there are many fantastic archival, rag based papers available now. It’s a personal preference which paper translates your printing style the best way. There are some technical differences but ultimately, it’s a subjective choice.

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