Private Course: “Becoming a Photographer with a Distinctive Perspective”


Holger offers a private course, “Becoming a Photographer with a Distinctive Perspective”, geared toward students of all skill levels. Students will develop a personal vision and learn basic photography tools with the building blocks provided. The course consists of five, 3 hour long classes and a final critique.

Class Structure

1) History of Photography
2) Developing a Personal Vision
3) Technical Basics
4) Re-defining your Personal Approach
5) Mastering Editing and Archiving Tools
6) Post Course: Final Assignment and Critique


1) Learn about the masters of photography, genres and their significance in history.
2) Understand the creative process:
What inspires you, being mindful of surroundings, what are your intentions and what do you want your work to convey.
3) Basic technical components: light, composition, camera and processing.
4) Adjust your path: question your creative motivations and redefine your true intentions.
5) Create an effective work-flow that compliments your photographic style.

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